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At Shiny, we specialize in mobile car washing and auto detailing, leaving your car is sparkling clean inside and out. We come to you, bringing all the equipment, water, and electricity needed to deep clean every inch of your vehicle. Plus, our products are eco-friendly, along with using up to 90% less water than a traditional or DIY car wash!

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Interior Cleaning

The interior of your car collects dirt, dust, and grime on a daily basis. Through shoes, kids, bags and pets, the inside of your vehicle needs just as much attention to cleaning as the outside - if not more! Reduce bacteria, allergens, and dust that can impact your health and help keep your car feeling fresh and new with an interior detailing.

Interior of your car

Every day your car hits the road and builds up dirt, grime, and chemicals that can wear away at your car’s exterior. Whether it’s snow and rain in the Winter, or going offloading or camping in the Summer, your car works hard for you - keep it looking shiny and new with a thorough exterior clean and detailing. Go beyond a drive-through car wash or DIY detailing and let the professionals give your vehicle the deep-clean it deserves!

How it Works

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We arrive with our own electricity and water, ready to get your car Shiny clean!

What’s Included

Full vacuum including trunk
Full steam cleaning
Protect plastic & vinyl areas
Clean windows & mirrors
Clean floor mats
Dust dash & console
Clean door jambs
Clean cup holders
Leather conditioning
Shampoo seats and floor mats


What To Expect

The Shiny team arrives at your selected location with a fully equipped van, a professional and expert detail technician, eco-friendly cleaning products, a contactless payment system, and leaves you with a shiny interior that leaves your car feeling brand new!

Why Choose Shiny

Eco-friendly: We use biodegradable cleaning products, and 1/10th of the water used in a traditional car wash.

Convenient: We come to you at the time that works best - no more waiting in lines at the car wash!

Local: Our local team is passionate about serving our community.

Guaranteed Results: We make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the results, or we’ll make it right!

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Book your quick, convenient and eco-friendly car wash & detailing today! No credit card information required.