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Shiny Mobile Car Detailing

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The Most Professional Car Detailing Services

Offering mobile detailing in B.C, we are experts in luxury auto detailing, exterior and interior car detailing, and auto spa. Leave your keys with us and receive a Shiny car.

Detail Any Vehicle Type With Shiny


When it comes to Sedans, regular care matters the most. But, for a professional detailer, knowing the wax and sealants is the key to restoring its shine back. 

SUVs, Crossovers, & SUV 7 Seater

Against the small Coupes, these types of cars take the longest to get detailed because of their large size. 

Coupes & Convertibles

These small luxurious cars need a careful exterior auto detailing. Coupes do not take long to get detailed but they require special care for air drying. 

Trucks, Minivans, & Commercial Vans

These muddy vehicles require more than a regular wash to protect their exteriors. It requires a professional auto detailer to inspect how many times these cars need to be wiped. 


Car detailing or auto detailing is nothing like a regular car wash. It requires expertise, and advanced techniques to fully detail a car. In a full car detailing, the professional detailers go the extra mile to restore the vehicle to its showroom quality. Both the car interior detailing and exterior detailing are performed with the best tools and products available in the market. 

Why Shiny Car Detailing

Your Health

The only way you can keep harmful microorganisms away is getting the interior of your vehicle detailed. No matter how clean you are, there is no battling the invisible bacteria but professional auto detailing. 

Your Vehicle

Dirt and dust can damage the engine of your car. Also, dirty brakes have been  the number one reason for many brake malfunctions. Detailing solves both these problems as well as enhancing your visibility on the road. 

Your Money

Shiny car detailing prices are relatively lower compared to the huge prices you will pay to have your car repaired or repainted. Plus, you will want to get a good deal when reselling your car and detailing helps keep its value. 

How It Works

Book online

You can easily make an appointment using Shiny website or simply by making a call anytime between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Meet Your Mobile Car Detailing Professional

Our technicians come to you at your predetermined location. We offer the tools and products. You just need to give us your keys. 

Get Your Car Shiny!

We use the latest techniques to make sure the interior of your car is free from any unwanted dirt, bugs, or odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a full detail on a car include?

Shiny auto detailing is the process that includes both the interior detailing and exterior detailing of your vehicle. Basically, at Shiny, any part of your vehicle that needs cleaning, will get cleaned. A full detail also implies that all (or most) areas of the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned, washed, dressed, vacuumed, wiped, waxed, etc.

Is it worth getting a full car detailing?

Absolutely. You come across the word cost-effective in this business a lot. This means you may feel like you are paying a lot when facing the prices, but the time you save, and the unseen future costs you are managing to evade are definitely worth it. It is common to say you are paying a few hundred to save some thousands of dollars in the future. 

How do you detail a car’s steering wheel?

The steering wheel is full of body oils and other specks of dirt and needs to be maintained. As for detailing, first it needs to get cleaned. After that comes the protection step which requires different products based on the color and the leather used around it. This process can have a few more different steps based on the inspection your detailer gives you. 

How to Choose a Car Detailing Service?

After deciding to get your car detailed, you will need to do some research to figure out where to take your car. The type and quality of the services offered, the pricing, the reviews, and the mobility are the top factors you can look into to find your mobile auto detailing service provider. 

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