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Highest level of care. Imagine your car feeling new again! Hassle Free. We come directly to you.

Shiny Mobile Car Detailing

Shiny Car Detailing Surrey

Our Proof is Our Shine

Time puts dirt on every car! And we have set our goal to bring the glow on your car back to life.  Our experienced staff work tirelessly to provide top-of-the-line car cleaning services in Surrey. Setting convenience our priority,  we deliver at-home auto detailing services to you. Our Surrey Car Detailing looks forward to assisting you in your search for the perfect business that suits your needs. Our proof is the shine on your car. 

The Shiny Detailing Difference

Shiny  is an expert.

When it comes to interior car cleaning and exterior services, Shiny Surrey Car Detailing is an expert.

Full Service

From head gasket to tires, full Surrey car care service has got you covered. 

Near You

We are a mobile car detailing company in Surrey, so we come to you !

Why Trust Shiny Mobile Car Detailing in Surrey?


You can stay at your place. We come to you with our mobile detailing equipment packages to save your time. Just relax and give us your keys. 

Quality Service

Action talks louder than words. Our testimonials, and the variety of auto detailing services we offer, turn all our clients to loyal customers. 

 Green Industry

We care for our earth as well as your health! We benefit from smart water management systems, eco-friendly products, and green and sustainable car cleaning tools.

Shiny Auto Detailing Services in Surrey

Interior Car Detailing Services

  • Car Detailing Surrey offers full vacuuming, dusting, and a plethora of car detailing services to help you drive in a healthy, clean, and definitely odorless car.
  • We will condition and shampoo the inside of your car, and thoroughly dust and wipe it.
  • You do not have to worry about bugs, allergies, or an unpleasant driving experience anymore.

Exterior Car Detailing Services

  • At Car Detailing Surrey, we know what needs to be done to get your car in pristine condition.
  • There will not be any dents or scratches left on your car, or smudges left on your windows.
  • We sure do more than a mere car wash in our exterior auto detailing service in Surrey.

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing Services

  • This package includes all services listed above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is detailing the rims?

We can't say it enough, always start with your wheels. Your wheels are the grubbiest area of the car so it is only natural that they should require a thorough detailing more than any other parts. 

Can Surrey car detailers remove the smoke smell in my car? 

Ozone machines can get rid of the worst smells and perfume the stinkiest interiors. So, yes. After a thorough interior cleaning, the ozone machine will be used to remove the smell. 

What is the best thing about Surrey car detailing?

Tough question. We do our best to be the best at everything. But, we would say that we offer a top-notch eco-friendly service which is cost effective, fast, and takes place at your preferred location. 

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