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Are Touchless Car Washes Better or Worse?

By Aynaz


Touchless car wash is considered an intelligent way to wash your car ‘s exterior. Touchless car wash basically is washing your car without hands and by machines. 

If you are looking for the pros and cons of touchless cleaning of your car, you are on the right page. Keep on reading to find all you need to know about touchless car wash.

How Does Touchless Car Wash Work?


In touchless car wash methods, they only use high-pressure water jets and detergents to remove debris and dirt off of your vehicle. When you walk into a touchless car wash, the sensors are going to guide you. 

Primarily, in a touchless car wash, you will drive to the first automated machine which wets your car and applies foam and cleaning agents on your car’s exterior. Then the machines will wash off dust and dirt off of your car with high pressure water jets and then rinse off the cleaning chemicals. 

Then liquid wax is applied and the last step is to drive through hot and dry air in order to dry off any moisture.

Some car washes provide a hand-dry option as well. In touchless car washes there is zero physical contact with your car. Therefore, If you are looking for a scratch free car cleaning, touchless car washes can be a perfect choice for you.

Pros and Cons of Touchless Car Wash


Even the best touchless car washes have advantages and drawbacks. It is safe to say the advantages of touchless washing outweighs the disadvantages.

Pros of Touchless Car Wash

1. Saves time

2. Inexpensive therefore, saves money

3. Protects your car paint from scratches

4. The water pressure works in your favor and gets into every nook and cleans every part of your car completely

Cons of Touchless Car Wash

1. Doesn’t clean the car as well as a hand wash

2. The chemical cleaners are not good for environment

3. Automatic drying might not dry your car completely hence, water stains can remain on your windows

Where You Can Look For The Best Touchless Car Washes in Vancouver 

Shell Touchless Car Wash


Shell Touchless Car Wash has over 190 branches. With shell car wash you can bring shine back to your vehicle. You can find the best Shell branch in Canada by searching ‘Shell touchless car wash near me.”

Petro Touchless Car Wash


Petro Canada touchless car wash has over 260 branches. This car wash provides many services from soft cloth to touchless. Choose the best program for your car.

Esso Car Wash


With Esso car wash your car will thoroughly get cleaned using specially designed soap to help loosen dirt and salt from outer surfaces. Esso touchless car wash has branches in many countries.

Touchless Car Wash Tips That Might Come in Handy


1. Lower your antenna before entering the car wash.

2. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed tightly and there’s no way for water to get in your car.

3. Dry slowly in the drying section to maximize the drying effect.

4. Wait for sensors to guide you. Do not rush

5. Have a drying cloth in case your car doesn’t dry fully

Touchless Car Wash Price


Based on the location and the service you choose, touchless car washes can cost you something between $10 to $30 on average. Compared to other car cleaning methods, touchless washing is considered as an economic way to clean your car.

Touchless car wash can take up to 8 minutes of your time. Cleaning your car by hand can take up to 30minutes sometimes. You can save lots of money and time by choosing touchless car washing.


Last word


Touchless car wash can be a great way to get your car spotless and show-room clean but it has its own pros and cons. At Shiny, we believe that a thorough car detail and a traditional mechanical hand car wash can end in a better result for your car. Touchless car wash or the auto car wash machines sometimes can scratch your luxury cars. However, it is always up to you to decide.  

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