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Car Deep Cleaning Tricks and How to Apply them Effectively

By Ainaz

Car Deep Clean

Cleaning your car can result in better air quality inside the cabin and is crucial. If you haven’t had much time to clean your car lately because of your hectic andtight schedule, it is time for your car to have a deep cleaning. In this blog I have explained all the tricks and hacks of having an auto deep cleaning. Fortunately, you do not need any special skills to do so. Keep on reading this article to find the answer to all your questions about cleaning your car.

Car Interior Cleaning is a Huge Piece of Cake

deep cleaning car seats

The process of car interior cleaning can take you 1-2 hours depending on the level of dirt your car has. Good news is, it can be done at your garage, and in the end you will enjoy the result.

Before you start, make sure you wear eye protection goggles and safety gloves in case of sharp objects to avoid any problems. Make sure you clean your car in a shaded area, working in the sun makes the whole cleaning process less effective.

All the essentials you will need for deep cleaning the interior of your car:

1.    Hoover (vacuum cleaner)

2.    A bag to put your trash in it

3.    Carpet cleaner

4.    Window cleaner spray

5.    Clean cloth or towels

6.    Leather cleaner (in case of leather seats)

7.    Car polish and wax

8.    Microfiber tower (recommended)

Now let’s dive into the 8 steps you need to take to make sure you have deep cleaned the interior of your car: 

Step 1: Remove big trash like napkins and food boxes. Check under the seats and the crack between the car seas as well.

Step 2: Use a microfiber towel (preferably) and wipe the dashboard off of dust. Use a cleaning spray to make the process more effective. Wipe the steering wheel, the gear and all the space you can see and reach.

Step 3: Use glass cleaning products and clean the windshields and glasses from the inside of your car. The dirt is not necessarily from outside. Make sure you are using the correct product if you have tinted windows.

Step 4: Remove the floor mats and shake them off of dirt and then wash them outside your car. You can use chemical products and washing cloth as well.

Step 5: Deep clean the car carpet. Vacuum the car when the matts are removed. Primarily, start by vacuuming the seats of your car. Don’t forget the cracks in seats. Now vacuum the air fans and every corner that you can see. Then it is time for vacuuming the floor. Don’t forget to vacuum under the seats and corners. You can use different vacuum tips to remove hair from the carpet as well. Don’t forget to vacuum the trunk of your car as well.

Step 6: Reinstall the matts after they have dried.

Step 7: Deep cleaning becomes the car seats. if you have been wondering how to deep clean car seats this is the answer. Use the mixture of warm water and dish washing liquid soap then use this formula and put it on a cloth or towel and wipe your leather car seats with it. Be aware not to use much of this solution to avid dampening your car seat cushions. And dry after the process. Don’t let the damp seats get dry on themselves.

Step 8: You can wax your dashboard for an extra shiny look. Use a high quality product and dot use a lot of the solution on your dashboard all at once.

Make the Dashboard Cleaner at Home

Homemade Car Dashboard Cleaner

In order to make the dashboard cleaner at home, mix 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, half a teaspoon of oil-based soap and half teaspoon of chosen detergent with 2 cups of warm water. Spray this solution on the dirt spots of your dashboard and let it soak for about a minute or two. Then wipe it off with a clean towel or cloth.

Make the Best Window Cleaner for Your Car at Home 

Car Window Cleaner

Use 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and mix it with 1 cup of distilled water and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol to get the best window cleaner prepared at home! Then, spray the solution on dirty car windows. You can also use the mixture of hot water and liquid dish washing soap.  

Some Random Tips on Deep Cleaning Your Car

Deep Car Cleaning Tips

1.    You can use ice cubes to remove melted crayons or gums that are sticking to your car seats. You can also use paper and iron.

2.    You can use toothbrushes to reach corners and to wipe off embedded dirt on the vinyl.

3.    Replace cabin filters on a regular basis for a fresher air and smell.

4.    You can use natural oils like olive oil to give a gleaming look to your dashboard.

5.    If your seats are not leather, you can shampoo the seats and wipe off with washcloth.

Keep that Car of Yours Deeply Clean!

Being clean gives you focus. You will have safer rides in a clean car and you can concentrate on your driving easily. You have to deep clean the interior parts of your car beside the car body. If you haven’t cleaned your car recently either go ahead and clean it right now or if you have a busy life book an appointment online so you can get your car cleaned on schedule.

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