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How An At-home Car Wash Helps Keep Your Family Covid Safe


With COVID cases rising around the province, we are all trying to do our part to keep our families and community safe. While this may be peak flu season, it’s also the wet and muddy West Coast winter, which means that even if you’re just driving for essential errands, your car can get grimy fast.

A dirty car can contribute to outer damage, and a melty or dirty interior can hold on to germs and bacteria - keeping your car clean is one of the best ways to help keep your family healthy this winter!

Why Shiny is Covid Safe


Looking to keep your car sparkling clean, while keeping your family COVID safe? Shiny Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing is the solution! Here’s the three main reasons that Shiny is your COVID-safe car cleaning solution.

Reduce Exposure to Others


Whether you’re walking the aisles of Canadian Tire or going into the gas station to purchase your automatic wash, every time you step outside you increase your exposure to others. With Shiny, we come to you, with socially distanced, contactless service. We follow all the necessary safety protocols while making sure your car is sanitized and clean inside and out.

Convenient for Your Schedule


Instead of having to head to the store or the gas station after work when there are more crowds and longer lines, Shiny’s mobile auto detailing means that you can get your car washed in the middle of the day, at home or at work, whenever is most convenient for you! We arrive with all of our own supplies and leave your car spotless in a snap.

A Deeper Clean than DIY


Now more than ever, it's critical that high touch areas, including your interior and exterior door handles, steering wheel, trunk handle, and seatbelts, are cleaned above and beyond the usual wipe down. A Shiny auto detailing goes beyond the basics and ensures that all your surfaces are sanitized and free of germs that can cause common colds and flus.

A More Thorough Clean than a Drive-through


While the rainbow rain of a drive through car wash is a fun tradition, you’re limited in how thorough of a cleaning you can receive. Plus, debris and rocks from other cars can chip your paint or windows! Shiny’s professional grade tools keep your car clean inside and out, without you having to lift a finger.

Shiny mobile car wash & Auto detailing not only makes keeping your car clean easy, it's the environmentally friendly choice too! Using less than 10% of the water that a drive-through car wash takes, and only using the most sustainable products allows us to maintain our commitment to quality, while also protecting our community’s water supply.

Looking to cross ‘car wash’ off your to-do list? Book your Shiny mobile detailing today! Book online for a convenient clean that will leave your car sparkling.

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