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How Much Mileage Is Too Much Mileage?

By Mahya Kamalvand


The number of miles on the odometer can be a fair representation of the state of the car – at least to some extent – so which number should you be looking for there? How much mileage is considered too much mileage for your car and how many miles does your car last? 

Your Car’s Biting Far More Mileage Than It Can Chew

The number of your mileage becomes a problem when you consider replacing your car. First comes the fact that people who are considering shopping for a used car will definitely question your mileage, and if you are aiming to go for a pre-loved car as well, the mileage matters to you, too. This choice is always on the table since you know you will pay less, but is a used-car worth the unexpected upcoming costs? The answer is intertwined with the mileage!


How Many Miles Does a Car Last?


If your vehicle is still keeping up, you may want to make sure it does not exceed 200,000 miles. If you have an electric engine, expect that mileage to work somewhere close to over 300,000 miles. According to transportation statistics and numbers, your car can last on average over 11 years on the road. It goes without saying that the “too many kilometers on my car,” is a fair subjective claim. 

Let’s face it though that the longevity of your car depends, to some extent, on the vehicle. There are models that have been famous for their endurance and consistency. There are also cars notorious for being troublemakers. However, it goes without saying that your driving habits and your maintenance routines play a significant role in changing the trusted mileage of your car. There are people who can easily wear out a car in 10,000 miles! And there are car geeks who sell you a 200,000-miles car that can last another 200,000.

But Should I Consider Buying a High Mileage Car?


There are both bright and dark sides to every choice. But study this, buying high mileage cars can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  Overall, picking a higher mileage newer model is a wiser choice than buying an older car with less miles. 

Let me give you an example to clarify this; assume you wanted to buy a horse for a competition, which one you’d rather choose: the one younger but more experienced in running, or an older and slightly ill one with less background on the field? That goes the same for vehicles, too. The rubber components depreciate over time, despite the car’s mileage. It’s information at hand. So sometimes too many miles are simply not too much! If you ask me, consider the model. Let’s look at our options here.

How Many Miles Can a Jeep Wrangler Survive?


For the road lovers, Jeep is probably one of the most amicable brand names. That demonstrates how strong and die-hard the Jeep can act! Jeep vehicles normally breeze through year five and linger on to make it well for up to 15 years and more.

You can count on A Wrangler’s consistency typically to 280,000 miles; after that, costly problems call. Still, keep in mind that if well-maintained, your Jeep can exceed 20 years and beyond 400,000 miles.


How Many Miles Will a Ford Mustang Last?


Mustang mileage is not any different from Jeep Wrangler in that they both can stay on the road beyond 300,000 miles. Quite similar to many to-notch models, the Mustang can also look wrecked by 200,00 miles, or the opposite, looking very noble even running somehow over 400,000 miles. It all depends on who rides the Mustang rather than how long it has been ridden.

What is Considered High Mileage for a BMW?


BMW is a huge deal, but when it comes to mileage, dealers recommend to avoid those above 100,000. There are extremists among them who even consider 60-80,000 to be high mileage for these cars. You may want to keep an eye on the mileage of these cars but don’t forget that BMW is a proven warrior and doesn’t easily break down. So, buying a second-hand BMW can be reasonable if you’ve not arrived at the high mileage zone, yet.


What’s Thought as Acceptable Mileage for a Secondhand Pickup Truck?


When opting for a pre-owned truck, the two pop-up notices in our heads are mileage and the cost of the car. Many shy away from high mileage vehicles because these ones are supposedly “perilous.” It is ‘supposedly’ and it means it has reasonable arguments behind it and some worldwide myths.  Picking a pre-loved pickup truck might exceed 100,000 miles and that might indicate your gushing away. However, this was pretty old and since 2010, the newer models are more robust and may surprise you even beyond 250,000 miles.

How Many Miles is Too Many for a Sleek but Used Audi?


Pretty much like trucks, Audis should do 200,000 miles happily enough with regular maintenance, fingers crossed! It has to be mentioned though that when your Audi hits a number between 150000-200000 miles, it may start to cost you different expenses.


Final Too Much Mileage Word

If you’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, please be aware that there’s more to a car than just its mileage. Eventually, you need to pick a car that best suits your lifestyle rather than paying for a relative number on the odometer.

And don’t forget, a thorough detailing before selling your car, can easily compensate for its high mileage. Shiny provides a variety of services in Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey. Contact us today. 

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