How Often to Wash a Car; That is The Question!

By Mahya Kamalvand

a family sprinkling and washing their car

In order to stay on top of your vehicle’s general maintenance, regular checkup is the apparent must, and the regular car wash is the unseen essential. We can say that car owners fall into two categories when it comes to answering the question, “how often do you wash your car?”

When the Carwash Meets the Extremists!

a car being automatically washed

The first group when it comes to finding out the frequency of your car wash are those who have been love partners with their cars and take their baby car of theirs to the car wash every week, and believe it or not sometimes even twice a week!

The other group, are those who keep postponing the urgent matter until they put the car for a later resale and encounter the damage they have caused to the poor vehicle. There is a middle ground for these two extremists though. There is actually a number for the frequency of washing your car. Let’s read on.

Planners Frequently Wash their Cars More Often than the Rest!

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While it’s common to hold ourselves accountable for veering away from washing our car, we need to beware that ignoring the bird dropping on the roof, and the dust accumulation everywhere in and on our vehicle will not win us a trophy! Your car has cost you money and so is its washing! Cleaning on a regular basis will aid your car maintenance checklist; a once-in-a-two-weeks plan sounds like a reasonable frequency for most vehicles and most weather conditions.

However, you need to learn some urgent information to schedule your plan. First, study the season. Change of seasons means adopting a different protocol for washing your car.

Washing Your Car When It’s Hot!

a couple washing a car and playing with water

Washing a vehicle more often in hot environments can ruin the vehicle's paint job if not done properly. Hot season and direct sunlight dry up the water and all the costly substances you or your carwash is applying in a second, literally! Therefore, spots are more common after a carwash in summer. There are certain precautions you need to take before getting your car washed far away from the coolness of a shade. Besides, a hot and humid or a dry and hot weather calls for different car wash frequencies.

Evading the Dry Spots in the Hot Wash

You may want to get your car washed once a week if the weather is dry to keep it from dehydration! That curse even impacts your car’s skin. We are talking about the dry spots! The most obvious solution for the dry spots is to wash your car before noon or later in the evening when the sun is not gazing upon the surface of your vehicle.

Using the Right Washing Tools For the Hot Days

As for the materials, make sure you or the place you take your car for a wash are using a shampoo suitable for the hot days in summer. Even here in Canada, we faced some pretty burning days in Vancouver this summer. So, I guess global warming will push us to care for hot-day car wash guidelines more than before.

Washing your Vehicle in the Winter’s White!

a frozen car in winter

Against the sweaty hot days of summer, where you might not want to wash your car that often, except if you live in a very dry area which does not happen in Canada, you need to check in to a car wash almost once a week in the cold days of winter, especially if your car is pretty often on the road, and if you are living in colder parts of the country. Plus, check out the temperature before attempting to wash your car or you may face a frozen bucket of water, or frozen materials. In those days, consider getting your car washed in a specialized place. That will save your soul!

There is definitely more to the details of washing your car on hot or cold days. However, for the sake of your general knowledge to this point, stick to the obvious. Extreme weather means extreme care and that might not mean washing schedules more often. Make sure you get the help of a professional or stay with us in the upcoming articles.

A Hint Into the Hows of Washing a Car

automotive car washes

Washing your car is like washing your baby; it requires discipline, perseverance, and an optimistic attitude to keep that car of yours in a tip-top shape. There are many ways to answer how to wash your car; there is always the option of washing your own car that will save you the time and money you want to spend paying for a car wash, and there are many different automatic car washes, car detailing apps, or hand wash on-call car washers that can give your car a special shine and treat but will cost you more. Which one to choose? Well it all depends on your style!

Washing Your Car on Your Own, Always Starts at Your Home

 washing a car at home under the sun

The most convenient car wash can take place in your place with some buckets of water, some soap or proper car wash shampoo, cleaning mitts and a hose. First you need to choose a good location. Following the tips on hot and cold days, you may want to veer away from the direct sunlight or heat because it will rinse off your car before even foaming it. Pick a location far from a tree or dusty roads where you will probably face bugs, mud, and all other contaminants or invaders that will drive you crazy and your car dirty. Be careful with the hose pressure and the amount of water you’re spraying; it can easily get out of control. You can also make use of a car wash foam.

Car Wash Foams Are Cleanness Unveiled!

foaming a car to wash

Snow foam is an indispensable pre-wash, it enhances your car wash results and makes the finish brighter. Its consistency and its texture make it a well-applauded companion to a plain water rinse. Another valid advantage Snow foam has over the plain water is sticking to your vehicle longer, whereas simple water runs off. In case you don’t feel familiar or comfortable with the snow foam, you can also take care of your car with some liquid.

A Car Wash Liquid is What is Supposed to Help me!

Once you've made the decision to wash a car yourself, you will need to think of a car-specific soap or shampoo. Please, do not use something general like dish soap or laundry detergent. Car wash shampoo or soaps are slightly fairer than the aggressive chemistry in laundry detergent or dishwasher liquid. The last thing you want are combinations that easily solve the paint or are not lubricant enough so they are too coarse for the soft surface of your car. That being said, you need a car wash liquid that is compatible with both the model of your car and its color. Make sure to get advice from a pro.

Automotive Car Wash Brushes May Damage Your Car

 a hand brushing his car

If you have decided that your job is not enough to get your car to look pristine year-round, then you better choose an automatic car wash to do the dirty job. Some car washes employ automotive experts who dedicate time and energy to shine your vehicle by hand. Leaving your car in their hands is like you are working meticulously to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris from your car’s exterior. However, if there are brushes included, you may have the right to get slightly worried. Only know that there are exceptions to the rule.

In other words, the difference between good and bad often comes down to factors such as brush qualities, operation, maintenance/cleaning and configuration. If a brush does not meet essential catalogue standards, it’s only natural to expect that brushes scratch the vehicles in the handless wash.

Talking about  Waterless Carwash

a hand wiping a car dry

When it comes to talking about waterless car wash, we are entering the detailing arena. The topic is a hot hit these days all around the world, especially if you ride a luxury car with a very exclusive color. Waterless wash has been proven to be a safer mode of cleaning your car. A waterless car wash can be used without damaging your paint as long as you use it with a lot of care and caution, that is it can be scratchy to the surface of your car if not applied safely. It’s advisable to keep in mind that the waterless car wash products are better used on touch-ups or dusting rather than replacing a dirty wash up. Don’t forget to apply the products with minimal pressure, and use as many cycling towels as you can.

The “How Often Should You Wash Your Car Undercarriage?” Dilemma

a man washing the undercarriage of a car

It is under your car, but that doesn’t make it unimportant. In fact, for your own safety, make sure you get the undercarriage of your car cleaned once every season. If you’ve been driving in the mud or dust, it won’t hurt to make it more frequent as much as 6 times a year. In general, don’t leave your car dirty.

And in the end,

“Told you. Everything sounds better in the car wash.” Sarah Dessen

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