How to Detail a Car; An Introduction

By Mahya Kamalvand


The answer to the question, “how to detail a car,” starts with answering, “what is car detailing?” and how on earth “is car detailing different from car wash?” I bet it is frustrating for auto-detailing businesses to be faced with people who use “car wash,” and “car detail,” as interchangeable services. However, they shouldn’t be blamed. Although it goes without saying that the cost change between the two should notify people that at least, there is a difference. With some assurance that car detailing is a must step in your maintenance routine, let’s first find out what it means to detail your car.

What does it mean to detail a car?


If you are seeking a way deeper method of your vehicle inside and out, auto detailing is your answer.

It absolutely does not mean that vacuuming and car washing are going to go neglected, beside those basic services, auto detailers provide your car with extra means and techniques of cleaning. The whole process will be lengthier since it even includes removing some parts from the interior part of your car to make sure all the cracks and fissures are getting a thorough detailing care.

In total, detailing a car is the procedure through which the detailers transform your car into showroom-like condition from the state it sits in now. They also use very advanced techniques and materials to enhance the appearance and odor of your car. This means it is divided into interior car detailing, and detailing the exterior part of your vehicle. How so? let’s find out.

How to detail a car?


In order to stay away from the confusion that detailing can cause, we have managed to start you off with some essential details. For start, you may want to know that there are a number of different levels of detailing, each of these levels have their own range of techniques and theories that can be provided both for the interior and the exterior of your car.  

Exterior Car Detailing


Cleaning the exterior of your car includes both washing and drying. The detailer will spray and wipe down the body of the car with specialized products. All the rims, door handles, and glass will be hand washed. It also can include the following three steps: 


Paint Claying 

Stay assured that the use of clay can have unbelievable results by restoring a beautiful paint job if done by a professional. A clay bar is in fact a remover of any bonded contaminants, anything that’s stuck on the paint whether it be tar, overspray, tree sap, any of that kind of stuff. Claying leaves you with a smoother surface, which in result can enhance the effectiveness of polish or wax.  


Whereas the clay bar got rid of any lingering contaminants, polishing your car will buff an abrasive compound onto the car’s paint to make swirl marks in the paint vanish.

Sealing or Waxing 

Both car waxes and paint sealants protect the paint layer from UV rays, intense heat, moisture, oxidation, contaminants, and mechanical erosion. In order to give the car a silky shine and to preserve the car’s paint, we consider either sealing paint or applying wax.


Interior Car Cleaning


There is more to interior detailing than mere beauty. When you sit in your car, you need to feel your surroundings are clean, nothing stinks, and nothing is rotten, or dusted.  Having such a nice driving experience takes in deep-cleaning techniques that sanitize upholstery, carpets and surfaces for a germ-free finish. A professional and high-level interior detailing asks for serious groundwork, hard work and a standardized work. Some essential steps are listed:


Vacuuming is the starting point; however, make sure to dispose of the stuff that untidies the place first, and remove the matts. Seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area, and trunk have to be vacuumed to clean debris.

Scrubbing and Brushing 

Stains are the most annoying part of detailing, but there are very specialized techniques and products to remove them. Use of brushes is to an extent the most highlighted part of the auto detailing. The tools will not leave dust anywhere. Steam cleaning also is a very convenient model to say goodbye to stubborn stains.

Leather Trimming 

Leather seats require special care because soaps and chemicals will dry it out, leading to fading and cracking. A leather cleaner is applied to clean any leather parts in the vehicle.

Odor Eliminating 

Interior sanitation and destinking all depend on your needs for your vehicle.

Glass Washing 

The most sensitive to other interior auto detailing operations is the glass cleaning, including cleaning the windshield and windows, and the sunroof.

How often should a car be detailed?


Although car detailing is costly in comparison with a simple car wash, it's not a maintenance routine you want to do every day or month. However, there is no cut and dry answer to the question, “how often Should I get my car detailed?” If you love your car, every 5 month will do. Even every 6 to 7 months will also help your car stay in shape. The frequency is a very subjective choice and codependent on your vehicle model too.

How often should you get your car spray waxed?  


We already talked about the significance of waxing in extending your vehicle’s lifespan, along with its importance in improving the car’s appearance. Mostly, when there is not enough time to rub liquid wax on the surface of the car being detailed, spray wax is an option. This question is also very relative and it primarily depends on the quality of the was spray. The model and the color of a vehicle also play major roles in the regularity of applying spray wax on the surface of an -under-detailing automobile. Many experts propose a minimum option of once every three months for a stable quality even in high mileage.

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