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How Your Vehicle Fleet Reflects Your Brand


If your business uses a fleet of vehicles to run your operation, maintaining your vehicles inside and out is a top priority for the safety of your staff, as well as maintaining a professional brand image. However, depending on the size of your fleet, washing and detailing your vehicles can be a full-time job! The best way to keep your fleet clean, whether you have a handful of vehicles or hundreds, is by working with the team at Shiny Mobile Car Detailing!

Today we’re outlining how keeping your fleet vehicles professionally cleaned helps improve your brand image and client satisfaction.

Demonstrate Your High Standards


Your vehicles are what staff use to drive around the city and to client’s businesses or homes, and are often the first impression that people have of your business. If your cars are covered in dirt and grime, not only will people not be able to fully see any logos or graphics on the outside of your vehicle, but it can cause people to question if you will have the care and attention to detail required of your services. By ensuring that your vehicles are spotless, you instantly build confidence with your clients and demonstrate your professionalism from the first glance. By having consistently scheduled cleaning, you never have to worry about making an exceptional first impression.

Go Beyond Clean


With the COVID-19 pandemic still upon us, staff and clients expect that vehicles are not only clean but are sanitized and safe for work. Our team details and sanitizes high-touch areas that may otherwise be forgotten, such as interior and exterior door handles and gear shift sticks, ensuring that staff stay safe when using the vehicle. Shiny Mobile Car Wash uses commercial-grade cleaning agents that are eco-friendly but pack a serious cleaning punch - not the stuff you can find at the hardware store! Our team is up to date on the latest government protocols concerning cleaning requirements to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Keep Your Staff Healthy


Especially if vehicles are shared between staff members, ensuring a consistent interior clean can help limit the spread of germs which helps to reduce sick leave and improve the overall staff experience. Having consistent cleaning during cold and flu season keeps everyone safe and healthy while using your fleet vehicles.

Impress Your Customers


If customers use any of your vehicles, for example, rentals or courtesy cars, your customers will be impressed with your company’s proactive approach to keeping vehicles clean and fresh. This shows your customers that you care, and will increase referrals and repeat future business.

Improve the Longevity Of Your Vehicles


By having consistent interior and exterior cleaning, you are able to maintain the quality of your vehicles for a longer period of time, reducing maintenance and upgrade costs, and delay replacing your vehicles. While staff may be able to give their car a quick wipe down,

professionals have the tools and expertise to ensure that your vehicle is spotless while using the right products to extend the life of your interior and exterior materials.

Check vehicle cleaning off your to-do list, and partner with Shiny Mobile Car Detailing, the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to maintain your vehicle fleet and ensure a professional first impression every time.

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