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Protecting Windshield Blades in Winter

By Aynaz


Your windshield blades work hard in the winter to keep your sight clear and they help you to drive safe. Studies show that approximately 20% of driving accidents are caused by poor visibility. There are certain actions that you can take in addition to protect your wipers from snow, ice and cold. 

In this article we will explain all the measures that you can take in order to help protect windshield blades in winter. Keep on reading if you want to drive safely.

Different Measures to Protect Your Windshield Wipers


There are different measures you can take before you start driving, while driving and when you park your car:

Before You Start Driving


1. Scrape ice off of your windshields

Ice and cold weather can stiffen your wipers. By using an ice scraper, you can lessen your wipers' interaction with ice and elongate the life and efficiency of your windshield blades.

2. Wipe off salt or sand

If you use salt and sand to melt the ice off of your car, make sure you clean them and wipe it because it can scratch your windshields and affect your car blades.

3. Clear every part of your car from snow and ice

The snow and ice on the roof of your car can move and come on your windshield when you start driving and therefore, affect the efficiency of your car wipers. So make sure you wipe all the snow off of your car.

4. Clear windshield washer fluid nozzles

The ice and snow that closes the windshield washer fluid nozzles, can reduce the lifespan of your wipers and reduce the productivity of them.

5. Don’t use boiling water

In order to melt the ice immediately you might use boiling water but not only the boiling water can harm your wipers but it can also make more ice as you start to drive and cause more problems.

While You Are Driving


If you feel like your wiper blades are stiff and they are not efficient, you can stop your car and apply rubbing alcohol to the blades. Since cold weather and ice can cause the blades to stick on the windshield, this is a good way to prevent freezing.

After Parking Your Car


If you don’t have a garage or even if you are leaving your car outside for a few hours, you can take the following actions to avoid any harm done to the wiper blades:

1. Turn off the windshield

When you park your car in the cold, the wipers might stick to the windshield and when you start your car if the windshields start working, they might tear apart or get damaged. So remember to turn off the windshield wipers as soon as you park your car.

2. Cover your wipers

You can use wiper covers or even a pair of socks or a cloth to cover the wipers and keep them from freezing.

3. Pull your wipers up

By pulling the wipers you help prevent ice from building up on the car wipers and also prevents the wiper blades from sticking to the windshield and getting damaged.

4. Rubbing alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol in order to prevent the wiper blades from icing and sticking on the windshield in the first place.

5. Replace water in the windshield nozzles with antifreeze fluid

The anti-freeze windshield washer will help the ice to melt and the nozzles of your wiper blades clean. You can replace the water with this fluid that you can get from any car accessory shop.

What to Avoid in the Case of Wiper Blades in the Winter?


1. As it has been said earlier, avoid using boiling water to melt the ice. Boiling water will cause more ice after a while.

2. If your wiper blades are stuck to the windshield, do not forcibly try to detach them. It can damage your blades greatly and they might even get torn off.  You can use an anti-freeze spray on them before trying to detach them.

3. Do not turn on the wipers and let the blades wipe off the snow. They can stiff up and lose their efficiency.

An Important Tip to Keep in Mind in Every Season:

Remember to clean the nozzle of your wipers blades on a regular basis. Rad debris, dirt and snow can close the nozzle and reduce the efficiency of your blades and eventually harm them.

Make sure you are using the best winter wiper that is compatible with your car. You can check out our blog for Best Winter Windshield Wipers


Last Word

Protecting windshield blades in winter might not seem like a big deal or an important task, but keep in mind that wipers grant you a clear sight and flawless visibility is a necessity for a safe drive. Do not forget to protect your wiper blades to save money and save yourself from any possible trouble.

Also, make sure you do not neglect the regular auto detailing maintenance. Our Shiny professionals can help you protect your windshield blades in winter. 

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