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Protecting Your Car in the Winter

By Aynaz Eghbali


Cold weather can be harmful to different parts of your car. For a safe drive, protecting your car in the winter is an important task. A vast majority of car owners overlook the importance of car protection in winter and suffer the consequences.

There are several actions you can take in order to minimize the cold's harm on your vehicle. In this article, we will briefly give you tips on how to protect your car in the winter. Keep on reading to find out the dos and don’ts in winter.

Protecting the Tires


→The salt and sand in the wintertime on the roads can cling to your car’s tires and damage them. The salt and sand can erode your tires or make them rust. You can avoid this situation by polishing your tires on a regular basis. Coating your car in wax will help in removing the sand and salt easily.

→Keep the tire’s pressure checked regularly. Cold weather can cause low tire pressure and that will lower the car’s efficiency and will increase the fuel usage. Most cars have an electronic tire pressure display nowadays. If your car has one you can find the range of suitable pressure on your auto’s manual.

→ You can use winter or snow tires on your car in the cold season (check our blog post The Need for Winter Tires in Canada.) You can keep the tire chain in the trunk of your car just in case as well. Winter tires offer exceptional grip which can lead to a better steering and braking action.

→ Take your car for regular check-ups in case the tires need alignment or the pressure is low. With regular checkups, you can avoid lots of the damages.

→ Avoid driving in deep snow or in puddles. Driving in deep snow can cause damage to your car. Like puddles, you never know what’s lurking beneath. Packed snow can contain road salt or sand which are used to melt the ice, and it can get into places under your car causing rust and it can harm your tires. 

Deep snow can also damage your exhaust system. Any damage done to your tire, your exhaust system or the car paint can take hundreds of dollars to repair.

Protecting Car Paint in Winter


→If you are wondering how to protect car paint in winter and keep your car from the rust that might form because of salt and sand, then you should consider adding a paint protection cover to your vehicle. The paint protecting cover is millimeters thick, but it is durable and effective when it comes to protecting. This tape can be used on every part of your vehicle’s paint. Covering your car paint can be a bit expensive but it’s worth the money for its high efficiency.

→ Wax your car regularly. By waxing your car, you can protect the car paint from road debris, dust, sand and salt. The wax is not durable and you need to reapply the car wax on a regular basis.

→ If you want to leave your car outdoors for a long time or if you don’t have a garage, you can consider using a car cover. By using a car cover, you can protect your car from snow and salt and sand. If the cars that drive by, splash salt and salt on your car paint, it can cause irreparable damages.

→ Remove all the leaves and wipe the dirt off. Wet leaves and dirt can contain salt and sand which can scratch your car paint and they also contain moisture which can cause rust on your car’s body.

→ The easiest measure you can take is washing your vehicle regularly. The road debris and dirt of the road can damage the car paint if they are not removed regularly.

Protect the Windshield Wipers


→ Start by clearing windshield washer fluid nozzles. The ice and snow that closes the windshield washer fluid nozzles, can reduce the lifespan of your wipers and reduce the productivity of them.

→ Use rubbing alcohol. You can use rubbing alcohol in order to prevent the wiper blades from icing and sticking on the windshield in the first place.

Auto Detailing is a Winter Protection Solution


You need to take some steps to ensure that your car is protected from snow in the winter. Protecting your car in winter is a task no car owner should overlook. 

Do not hesitate and start taking the mentioned measures in order to protect the exterior of your car from harms and damages that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. And do not forget, detailing before, during, and after winter is of utmost importance. Call Shiny now to do the chore for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Winterize a Car?

Unless you need a new battery or a set of winter tires, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 to winterize your vehicle.

Is Winterizing a Car compulsory?

Not compulsory, but in case you want to protect yourself, others around you, as well as your car, then yes, it is necessary to winterize your car.

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Antifreeze?

There are several symptoms your car might show if it is low on coolant.

How do I protect my car from rust in the winter?

Once your car is squeaky clean and dry, apply a coat of wax. This is an important task, as a coat of wax can provide an additional layer of protection from winter grime, and further stop the spread of rust.

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