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By Mahya

car care matters

We live in an age that damages and threats seem to proliferate by second. Be it our car engine due to the absence of auto care or our mental health disorders, the number of obstacles on the way to reach safe and sound tranquility are becoming uncountable! But, even with this apocalyptic image, we can ensure that there are ways to make sure you have done enough to avoid probable hazards! It is itself a huge step to make sure you have secured yourself from the insult of a guilty consciousness added to possible accidental injuries. First on your checklist is car care!

Car Care like you care for your body!

Since the Covid Pandemic, cars have played a huge safety role in our bluest of times! They are not just the means of transportation anymore; they provide a safe cabin on wheels! If the urgent need to care for cars has always been issued by specialists, these times around, we need to make sure to put auto care on top of our list and care for this safety cabin first! In case you have never really known where to start when talking about car care, read as follows;

The basics of car care include:

- Always follow a vehicle service schedule in your auto care.

- Address minor issues and make sure they are inspected.

- Do what needs to be done despite its costs to avoid fatal accidents or more complicated

- issues that might cost a fortune.

Caring for your car and keeping it in suitable running order does not require retirement or magical mechanical whiz skills.  But you definitely need to know when you should perform a routine car maintenance and auto care observation. If you are sure your car is at its top-running condition, you are caring for many other parts of your life at the same time.


Car care is like child care; there are chores that require assessment sooner than you expect and ask for more frequent attention. For instance, your car engine is no joke. Keep checking the oil and coolant levels almost every month while the car is cool. If their levels under the hood are not promising, make sure you fill them enough not find your car broken down far away from home in a couple of miles! Also, keeping the motor oil in your car’s engine clean is unquestionably critical for the life of your engine! You can consult with a professional for the details and for the sake of your auto care. 

Car caring in a short-run also includes be-friending your manual! Check for the instructions on how to check the air filter as part of your auto care. Your car can not breathe if the debris and particulates are blocking the flow of the air into its engine. 

Plus, for a thorough car care, you need to check the lights on your vehicle almost once a month to ensure that they are properly functioning, and are well-positioned.  

One more auto care tip in a short time is caring for tires. Tires need to be sufficiently inflated to keep your car driving down the road. Rotating your tires will help to extend the service life of your tires, not to mention the decreasing chance of a blowout. A professional’s advice also always works, so make sure you have a manual and a specialist number!

Brakes are a critical component on every car, as well. You have to constantly be aware of how your brakes feel and what they sound like in the process of your car care. If you suspect any problem like spongy feeling or delayed response from the brakes, get them inspected by a professional, asap.

car seasonal checkups


Car care in the long-run is without a doubt a vital check-up tip that is closely related to your life expectancy! It is no exaggeration when you find out that many fatal accidents were due to the negligence of the owner of the auto care. So, care for inspecting shocks and struts, checking or changing the fluids including the transmission and transfer case fluid, replacing the damaged serpentine belt, etc. 


Car care tips for spring and the whole general car care for rainy seasons is differentiated from the car care tips for summer, cold winter, or the slippery fall. Seasonal check-ups are very clear, very important, and very significant when it comes to lowering the damage or maintenance costs. 

The first few tips for the seasonal auto care include: checking your antifreeze levels in your radiator in winter months, replacing your windshield wipers every year and installing winter wiper blades for optimum performance, also switching your tires in cold season to appropriate snow tires. 

We have saved not the least but the most important car care tip for last, that is caring for the car battery. Your car basically cannot run without this important component. The starter, engine and other electronic accessories in a car absolutely feed on the large amount of electrical current that the battery supplies. Extreme temperatures in different seasons can easily affect the performance of the battery, therefore regular battery checkup will save your car a major breakdown and save you a major headache, at least.

Now, with all you have managed to read on car care and auto care tips, you’re on your way to cruise safely in your vehicle down the road to where there is someone or something joyfully waiting for you.

Safe trip!

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