Shopping For The Best Car Microfiber Towels in 2021

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Shopping for the best car microfiber towels has to stand at the top of your priority list. Most folks may consider buying the best soaps, sealants, or window cleaners to have a clean car. But when it comes to towels, they hardly ever think about the best car microfiber towels on the market. These majestic cleaning goods can easily wipe your vehicle off any dirt or debris. 

Be it your motorcycle, UTV, or your car’s exterior, choosing the best microfiber towels and cloths can leave a sparkling finish on your car. Things can easily go wrong if you are picking the wrong kinds of car wash towels or microfiber cloths. You may scratch the paint, or even trim or fog a glass using the wrong cleaning products. We’ve put together a list of the best microfiber towels in 2021 on the market to help you out. But first stop, What Is a Microfiber Towel?

What Is a Microfiber Towel?


Before suggesting options for the best car microfiber towels, it’s not bad to first understand what it is that we call a microfiber towel. It is a piece of cloth made of polyamide, polyester, or a combination of these fabrics. 

These extremely thin fiber strands are what gives a microfiber towel its extreme durability, preventing it from shrinking, wrinkling, or stretching after repeated use. 

How We Chose Our Best Microfiber Towels in 2021


When opting for the best microfiber cloths, there are three main factors you may want to consider:

  1. The pile height, which measures how soft the microfiber towel is. 
  2. The texture, which can include “waffle,” and “suede.”
  3. and the material composition, which can be mostly made up of polyester and its trademark softness, or polyamide and its unrivaled absorbency.

Our Review Standards For Choosing The Best Car Microfiber Towels in 2021


The car drying towels in this article went through two rounds of reviews. First, we started off by searching websites such as Amazon for top products, keeping factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and price in mind.

Then, we ordered some of the options that best met these standards for testing. So, in order to find the best microfiber cloth for car cleaning, a team member tested each product on a car, taking note of how well the towel did regarding absorbency, streak-free drying, lint-free drying, and scratch-free drying. 

We also took note of how well a towel worked if the microfiber cloth was used for the car interior cleaning. These are the best microfiber towels that won't damage your vehicle's exterior:  

The Best Car Microfiber Towel in 2021 Overall


Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel (3 Pack)


Meguiar’s® ultra plush Water Magnet® cuts on the drying time. The extra large “22x 30" waffle texture leaves a spot-free finish. These microfiber towels are called "water magnets" because they absorb such a great amount of water and compared to regular towels, Meguiar's towels can absorb up to double the amount of water.

Product Specs



The Best Car Microfiber Towel in Value


SINLAND 720gsm Ultra Thick Plush Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels


This super absorbent pack of multi-colored microfiber car towels is famous for its softness and durability as well as its brilliant budget-friendly pricing. You can use these towels on the paint, mirrors, windows, and more.

Product Specs



The Honorable Mention of the Best Car Microfiber Towel In 2021


Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel


A premium microfiber towel which is being loved for its soft thick fabric in the industry. The towels are made of extra-plush microfiber and have silk-banded edges to remove the potential for swirls and scratches

Product Specs



Extra Essential Information When Looking For The Best Car Microfiber Towels 


It may feel like we have covered what we needed to, but more information is always valued when shopping for something new. Let's find out what you require to know when shopping for car wash microfiber towels.

Different Types Of Microfiber Towels For Auto Detailing


Detailing Towels

What makes a quality detailing towel is for it to have a weight of 350 to 500 grams per square meter. The edgeless, NOT laser cut towels are preferable since the laser cut edge can scratch the paint.

Drying Towels

Waffle weave is probably the most famous and loved of the drying towels. Albeit, the twisted loop or the twisted loop hybrid has proven to be quite efficient in performance in 2021. Similar to waffle towels are glass towels, although they are not quite as soft. 

Chamois do not have any room for error with a stray grain of sand so they are not recommended. 

Key Features to to Look For in a Microfiber Towel



GSM is short for Grams per Square Meter. This describes the weight of the towel. Usually, a higher GSM towel will be softer, thicker, and fluffier.  The fluffier or thicker the towel, the better. Plus, thicker microfiber cloths can absorb wax and polish better. They are also less likely to leave streaks behind.


Although size is a personal preference when shopping for microfiber towels, it’s still important when it comes to detailing towels. Most people will find sizes between 12 by 12 inches to 16 by 27 inches to be the perfect size. Based on your purpose, you may choose larger or smaller ones.

The Blend

Microfiber towels are made up of a mixture of polyester and polyamide. Polyamide is the absorbent of liquid and dirt. When it comes to scrubbing, polyester is the key. 

If you want to know more, the cheaper a microfiber is, the higher the amount of polyester (80/20 mix) it holds. However, it all comes down to the purpose of the towel application. A 70/30 microfiber towel from a well-known brand can do a brilliant drying job, while an 80/20 would be better for your interior.

The Top Brands Among The Best Car Microfiber Towels Of All Time


Among auto detailing products, and car cleaning goods, there are some that carry quality in their brand names. To name a few, read as follows:


California-based Chemical Guys have made a name for themselves in the automotive cleaning industry. They have the highest percentage of polyamide out of the towels mentioned below. We are proud to say that at Shiny, we have never settled for any less than a Chemical Guy Cleaning Product. 


As one of the best known brands in auto detailing products, Meguiar's never disappoints. Its products are designed to answer every car detailing service request.  The Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel (3 Pack) is one of a kind. This product is compatible with glass, plastics, and chrome to create the show-like results that you want. 


Detailer's Preference is a prime brand in the world of car detailing products and accessories, and it produces everything from car covers, seat covers, to sheepskin items, and more. This brand can guarantee a quality detailing performance.  

The Tag Price on the Best Car Microfiber Towels 


Although the price tag on one of the aforementioned brand microfiber towels is a bit steeper than, say, a roll of paper towels, it is asserted that users are actually saving up in the long run. 

Microfiber cleaning cloths in general range in price from less than $1 each, for not known and maybe average quality brands,  to more expensive versions. 

Why to Shop for the Best Car Microfiber Towels?


To answer the question, we have to mention the benefits of microfibers in auto detailing in more detail. Microfiber towels are capable of retaining a huge amount of water without being destroyed. 

Since they can be used over and over again,  buying them is saving you money, and saving your planet a green future. 

Simply, a person cannot be called a car enthusiast without at least one microfiber towel in their vehicle. There is nothing comparable to these magic cloths for painted and glass surfaces.

Shiny Last Advice to Pick the Best Car Microfiber Towels in 2021


Here are the four most important tips to consider before paying for your microfiber towel. 


With the microfiber towels, more is actually less! If you do care to get your car regularly detailed,  It’s precious to know that you can save your money if you buy the towels in bulk. Some packs have three to six towels, while others may feature 12, 50, or more.


The best thing about using the microfiber towels is that they are truly easy to use. For a product like this, it needs to be handy to stay on the shelves. The best microfiber towels quickly and easily absorb water and are easy to wring out.


Microfiber towels are available in a variety of different shades for those who care about cross-contamination risks. Color coding is what keeps auto-detailers excited about detailing a car. 


Generally, the microfiber towels are durable. However, quality microfiber cloths shouldn’t shed lint and fibers when used or washed. They should be lint-free and leave your surfaces cleaner than before!

At Shiny, we make sure to use the best auto detailing microfiber towels, mostly Chemical Guys, to keep the exterior of your car as glassy and as pristine as possible. 


“I love driving cars, looking at them, cleaning and washing and shining them. I clean 'em inside and outside. I'm very touchy about cars. I don't want anybody leaning on them or closing the door too hard, know what I mean?”

Scott Baio


You’ve got questions. Shiny has answers. 

Q: Are microfiber towels bad for cars?

Not if you shop for a well-known brand which is famous for its lint-free quality. Make sure you remove the label before using, though. Washing it before putting it to use is also essential.

Q: Do microfiber towels need to be washed before use?

Sure thing. The finish on the newly-bought microfiber towels needs to be washed before using to make the towels slip on the paint and do not scratch the surface.

Q: How absorbent should a microfiber towel be? 

It is almost impossible to come up with an exact amount. However, it shouldn’t transfer or splash water with every slip. 

Q: Do all microfiber cloths remove bacteria?

Sure. If there is an insist on shopping for towels that are microfiber, it is to make sure they can pick up many microorganisms as well as things that those microorganisms can be attached to (like dust and dirt), unlike many cotton towels.

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