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The Best 4 Car Detailing Names in North Vancouver

By Mahya Kamalvand


You may have wondered what auto detailing is? Or what is all the excitement over the best auto detailing services in Vancouver? Here is where you can see what auto detailing is, find out why you need auto detailing, and learn about the best auto detailing services in Vancouver. Ready? Let’s go!

Car Detailing in North Vancouver and Everywhere Else

Vancouver, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tokyo, Beijing, it really doesn’t make a difference. If you own a car, you require a regular plan to take care of it. Car detailing in Vancouver, just like everywhere else, is a crucial routine to keep the value of your car. 

“Mechanically, every car is different. However, there is one maintenance item that is universally needed among all cars, and that is the maintenance of its surfaces.” AKA,  Detailing!

Detailing your car is a smart decision because you are choosing to invest in your health, your happiness, and your money! 

You can simply look for “auto detailing Vancouver” and come across a list of names. But, there are qualities that make a car detailing company top-notch. 

In a nutshell, quality of products, customer service, and a clean high-end job make a car detailer memorable. Along with Shiny, we also have found these traits present in some other famous names in Vancouver. 

Shiny Auto Detailing In Vancouver


Shiny mobile car detailing in Vancouver was launched to clean, polish, and restore your car to its showroom days. We consider how convenience, affordability, and being fast and quick benefits our customers. 

The Best  4 Car Detailing Names in North Vancouver

As part of the auto detailing family in Vancouver, we believe the most important thing is that you maintain your car and include auto detailing as part of your car regular maintenance routine. For your convenience, here are the 4 best car detailing companies in North Vancouver. 

Unique Mobile Detailing & Luxury Auto Detailing Facility


The 2018 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Automobile Detailing in the Vancouver area, Unique Detailing pledges to have built a business based on Convenience, Consistency, and Excellence in Vancouver.

Contact them for the variety of services they provide on luxury cars. 


Tiago’s Auto Spa


Speaking of the best car detailing in Vancouver, Tiago Auto Spa offers one of the best customer services in the Lower Mainland. The Certified CeramicPro auto detailing facility, Tiago’s Auto Spa is famous for their glossy coatings. 

They offer an extensive variety of car detailing services ranging from hand car washes, fabric shampoo, interior detailing, paint and fabric protection, exterior detailing, cut polishing, and waxing. Make a call and make your reservations now. 

Blitz Auto Spa


One of the best auto detailing Vancouver companies, Blitz combines precision with perfection to make sure they are fulfilling all their customers’ individual requirements. 

Their packages include both interior and exterior detailing, Glassparency, Ceramic Pro, and other auto packages. 

Contact them to learn more. 

Rod’s Auto Spa


Vancouver exotic car enthusiasts have definitely heard Rod's Auto Spa Name. Although they have made a name for having a passion about luxury, unique and different cars, they pamper all kinds and sizes of vehicles. 

They offer local free pickup delivery in the north shore, hand wash, detailing packages and waxing. 

Check out their website to find out more. 

Why choose Shiny Mobile Auto Detailing?


Shiny also comes among the best auto detailing names in the North Shore. But, if you have been wondering with the reasons to choose Shiny, this may help you: 

Our goal here at Shiny Mobile Auto Detailing is to save you time and money.  We believe in alleviating another stressor of your busy schedule in providing our easy and convenient service. 

We come to your home, your office, your jobsite. We have our water and power supply, all we need is your vehicle’s keys while you carry on with your day. 

The appeal to our service is to save you from commuting to and back from your car wash location, save you money for gas, cost efficient and most importantly time (stuck in traffic and waiting for your vehicle to be cleaned).

We also take pride in using Eco-friendly production and upgrading our watering systems to save our Earth. 

Last Word


No matter what you have heard about car detailing, it is not a mere auto cosmetic service. We have talked about different crucial reasons why car detailing can save your time, money, and health. However, we leave you to it. Make an appointment today. Call us at Shiny and we will come to you and after that, you can simply see how we aim to save your car in the long run. 

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