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The Best Corporate Christmas Gift to Give In 2020


The holiday season is approaching, which means it is the perfect time to show your employees, partners, and clients how much you appreciate them. Car detailing and washing services from Shiny Mobile car detailing are not only a unique gift, but they are environmentally friendly, and convenient (for you and your recipients!). Gift your employees a clean and convenient experience.

Think Outside the Box


Instead of resorting to cliché corporate gifts such as wine and chocolates this year, why not surprise with a thoughtful and useful option instead? Treating your employees, clients and partners to a Shiny Mobile car wash will show them that they matter, and that their vehicle matters too! Whether they are a busy mom, a first time car owner, or someone who takes pride in their car, a car wash gift card makes an unforgettable gift that conveys appreciation of their hard work and support.

Support the Environment


With the rise in concern for climate change, now more than ever it is important to have a conscious consumer mindset. By using our mobile car wash services, you rest assured knowing you are supporting an environmentally friendly company!

Our team uses PH-balanced commercial cleaning products that reduce damage to your vehicle, and have less of an impact on the environment. Secondly, we only use North American suppliers to source all of our products, reducing logistical costs, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Lastly, we also save water through handwashing! Using only 10 gallons per wash which is equal to only 1/4 of water required for an automated car wash, and 1/10 of a DIY wash.

Give a gift that shows your commitment to supporting sustainability!

Make it Convenient


What sets Shiny apart from traditional public car wash facilities is that we come to you! Whether your recipient is at work or at home, we come prepared to leave their car sparkling clean in no time. Give them the gift of a stress-free, time saving professional car wash. They can schedule a service for any time and any place!

Worried about water and electricity consumption? No need! Shiny comes equipped with everything we need to do the job, including our own water and electricity source.

What is even better? All you need to do is purchase our gift card online! It’s as easy as that!

This year show your team how invaluable they are! Car wash services are a luxury that people may not splurge on for themselves, but are a unique, environmentally friendly and convenient gift to give! Book or purchase online with ease.

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