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The Easiest, Greenest Way to Maintain Your Vehicle


Your car is an integral part of your life - from summer road trips to the weekday commute and beyond, you can end up spending a couple of hours a day behind the wheel. At the end of the day, most of us are exhausted, and no one wants to spend their weekends scrubbing grime off their tires.

You know it's important to keep your car clean outside and inside, but the thought of lugging a vacuum, cleaning supplies, and a hose out each week or month can be daunting. Drive-through car washes can do a decent job but don’t address any spot cleaning, while also running the risk of damaging your paint with stones and dirt from past vehicles. Detailing the inside of your car can be even more time consuming, and you may not have the products and tools on hand to deep clean your seats, floors, and doors.

Cut On Your Costs


Your car’s maintenance needs change throughout the year, from cold weather, salt and dirt build-up over the winter, to heat, nature, and animal-related stains during the summer. If left unaddressed, these stains can contribute to your vehicle’s exterior premature wear. Maintaining a clean vehicle consistently will minimize repair costs in the long run.

Mobile Car Wash Services


Instead of delaying the maintenance of your vehicle, there’s a simple solution - Shiny Mobile Car Wash. Our team of professionals come to you, either at work or at home, and leave your car sparkling clean in no time. Our professional cleaning helps extend the life of your interiors and keeps your paint in premium condition longer, reducing the need to upgrade your vehicle as often.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash Services


Not only are Shiny Mobile Car Washes convenient, but they’re also environmentally friendly! Our team uses eco-friendly commercial cleaning products you can’t get at the hardware store. We only use PH-balanced, North American sourced products that reduce damage to your vehicle, as well as the environment. We also save water through handwashing, at 10 gallons per wash which is equal to only 1/4 of water required for an automated car wash, and 1/10 of a DIY wash.

Health Issues


Especially during these uncertain times, the maintenance of your car goes beyond simply needing it to be clean, but also ensuring that germs are killed with commercial-grade sanitization. The places we so often forget can be the most important in limiting the spread of sickness. Door handles and trunk handles are high-touch areas that are often overlooked when cleaning but require special attention.

Shiny Does It All!

Cleaning the car is no one’s favourite chore - save time and effort by having our team come to you. Get back to spending time with your family, relaxing, or getting important work done. Our services can be conveniently booked online, saving you time and effort instead of driving to the store monthly for supplies!

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient, eco-friendly way of maintaining your vehicle, Shiny Mobile Car Detailing is the flexible solution to fit your needs!

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