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The Environmentally Friendly Way to Check Car-cleaning Off Your To Do List


Car cleaning is often overlooked, but as a car owner it is essential in order to maintain the value of your vehicle. Additionally, if you are using a vehicle for your business, having a clean car is important to convey professionalism to your clients.

While you may be planning on spending your free weekend morning washing your car, you may want to consider the negative impact a home car wash has on the environment.

Here are three ways that Shiny Mobile is the most environmentally friendly option for cleaning your car:

Water Usage


Did you know that a standard gardening hose uses roughly 9-17 gallons of water per minute? When you think about the time it takes to pre-rinse your car and rinse off the suds after lathering it up (including the tires) that is a lot of time spent running water. This means if you spend 10 minutes washing your car at home, you could be using 100 gallons of water!

Shiny Mobile only uses 10 gallons of water for every car wash! That is only 1/10 of the water usage of traditional home car washes and ¼ of the water usage of automatic car washing facilities.

And better yet, if you book a service with us, we come to you and supply our own water!

By choosing a mobile car wash, not only are you saving water, but you are also saving on your water bill!

Environmentally Friendly Products


Besides wasting city water, another environmental implication to washing your car at home are the harmful chemicals that end up in storm drains and damaging ground water and lawns. Because of this, it is actually illegal to wash your vehicle in your driveway in some jurisdictions across Canada.

As a licensed car washing company, Shiny Mobile has access to eco-friendly commercial cleaning products you can’t get at the hardware store. We only use PH-balanced, North American sourced products that reduce damage to your vehicle, as well as the environment.

By only sourcing our products from North American suppliers we also reduce logistical costs, and minimize our carbon footprint.

Minimal Electricity


While reducing water waste, our mobile car washing system also uses cutting edge technology that allows minimal energy usage. Did we mention that we also come sourced with our own electricity as well? When you book a carwash wish Shiny Mobile, we come to you with everything we need to leave your car looking brand new!

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle there are many environmental implications to consider when washing your car at home. By choosing Shiny Mobile car washing and detailing services, not only are you choosing convenience, but you can rely on us to be an environmentally friendly option for getting the chore done!

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