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Why Mobile Car Washes Are The Best Job Perk You Can Offer


Employee retention is an important objective for any successful business. One of the best ways to keep your employees engaged and to win over talented employees from other competitors is through investing in their well-being. Car washing services might not be the first idea that comes to mind, however this post will convince you otherwise!

Here are four reasons why mobile car washes are the best job perk that you can offer:



Great perks for a job are considered to be equally important as financial compensation. While the job market is more competitive now than ever before, more companies are coming up with unique ways to attract and retain talent. This is where Shiny Mobile can help you out!  Most common perks that employers offer tend to be free food and coffee, and a pet friendly space - which are nice to have. However, by offering a unique perk, such as a car washes, this sets you apart from other employers!

Boosts Morale


Productivity in the workplace can be indicative of how happy your employees are. It should be no surprise that good employee morale is important in order for any business to be successful.

One great way to boost employee morale is by providing a car wash! Think of how much better their day will be just by stepping into a fresh, clean car. Plus this appreciation will go beyond making their day, as this perk also maintains the value of their car!

Environmentally Friendly


With the rise in concern for climate change, now more than ever people generally prefer companies that support green initiatives. By using our mobile car wash services, you can rest assured knowing you are supporting an environmentally friendly company!

Our team uses PH-balanced commercial cleaning products that reduce damage to your vehicle, and have less of an impact on the environment. Secondly, we only use North American suppliers to source all of our products, reducing logistical costs, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Lastly, we save water through handwashing, using only 10 gallons per wash - only 1/4 of water required for an automated car wash, and 1/10 of a DIY wash.

While you are investing in making your employees happy, why not choose a service that shows your support for environmentally-friendly businesses too?

Gives a Professional First Impression


Providing car washes for your employees not only makes their day better, but it also helps your business’s image! For example, as a sales representative or realtor, first impressions are important to your clients. While you’ve put effort into your appearance, website, and signage to sell your brand, the look of your car should not be forgotten! When working with clients, it is imperative that they have confidence in your professionalism. By providing your employees with a shiny clean car, you can ensure they will make a great first impression for every client!

As you can see, offering car washes to your employees is one of the best perks a company can offer! Not only is it a unique incentive to retain and attract talented employees, but it helps boost morale, supports the environment, and helps your business maintain a professional image! Book our services online today.

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