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Your Car Cleanliness Reflects Your Image


As a realtor, first impressions are extremely important. Your brand speaks to who you are as a person, the types of properties you sell, and who your ideal client is. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure your appearance, website, and signage all reflect well on you and your clients, but there’s one area that can easily get overlooked - keeping your car pristine and clean!

Cleanin Details


When working with clients, attention to detail is everything, and when you arrive for meetings or drive clients to open houses and showings, having a car that is detailed inside and out, with a fresh, clutter-free interior is key. Especially when working with clients looking for high-end properties, it’s important to embody your brand and impress at every step. You wouldn’t expect someone to drive up to a million-dollar home in a car that has dirt and grime inside and out!

As Suze Orman puts it into words,

Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision.

Interior Detailing And Interpersonal Relationships


While you may have your car for both personal and professional use, it’s important to make sure that when you’re working with clients, they have every confidence in your professionalism. Interior detailing is just as important as making sure the exterior of your vehicle is sparkling. You want your clients to feel comfortable and catered to when stepping into your vehicle, not hesitant to put their hands down for fear of touching a dirty surface! Making sure that your car reflects the high standard that you hold yourself to is a great way to instill trust and strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Scheduling Your Car Cleanliness


Especially during the busy Spring and Summer months, you’ll be running from the office to client meetings and open houses or showings - you won’t have time to clean and detail your own car! That’s where Shiny Mobile Car Wash comes in.

Scheduling a monthly or seasonal clean means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your car is client-ready - you can simply serve your clients with confidence.

Closing Gifts


Shiny Mobile Car Detailing also makes an excellent closing gift for clients - there’s no better feeling than a fresh car in the driveway of their new home! Shiny Mobile Car Detailing works with realtors at each stage of their business to ensure that they maintain a professional image with ease. Check ‘clean car’ off your to-do list and contact Shiny Mobile Car Wash today to schedule your first cleaning!

Mobile Car Cleaning Services


The Shiny team is able to come to you - whether you’re parked at the office for the afternoon or want one less thing to do in the evenings at home. We detail your car inside and out, using eco-friendly products that pack a cleaning punch. Especially if you are living in a condo or shared property, storing cleaning supplies and accessing a hose can be challenging, but with the Shiny team, you don’t need to compromise on the quality of clean and end result just because of limited space.

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