Mobile Car Wash In Surrey

Highest level of care. Imagine your car feeling new again! Hassle Free. We come directly to you.

Shiny Mobile Car Detailing

The Best Car Wash Experience In Surrey

There is nothing more satisfying than delivering high-end car wash and car cleaning services to the people of Surrey. You call, and we come right to your driveway to treat your car.

What Makes Shiny Car Wash Magnificent? 


Shiny honors time.  That’s why we hit the road to come to you and save your car from the dirt, and your time from being wasted in traffic. 


Shiny is about offering packages that are cost effective, meaning we are providing you with a top-notch service for a reasonable price. 


We mainly differ from our competitors in that we were using eco-friendly products, and a smart watering technology to consume almost 50 gallons less water.

Shiny Car Wash Services in Surrey Include:

Mobile Car Washing

Yes, we primarily provide a mobile full hand car wash at your place. But, that’s the least we can do. 

Mobile Car Cleaning

We carefully clean the inside of your car. 

Mobile Auto Detailing

We help protect the inside and outside of your car from anything that might hurt its resale value. What we offer is a selection of detailing services to give your car a brand new look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get my car washed during rainy seasons?

B.C is famous for its autumn rains. Although the clean shower of sky water washes the dirt off of Surrey, you still need your regular wash to help protect the color and save its resale value. 

Is it safe to wash my vehicle when it’s cold outside?

You are right. It can be very tricky to wash your vehicle when it’s freezing cold. However, we have all the needed tools and special products to do a clean job on your car and let it dry. 

How can I make an appointment?

You can either use our Shiny app, or Shiny website. Or you can call us at (604) 755-1680.

Still have questions? email us at