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Highest level of care. Imagine your car feeling new again! Hassle Free. We come directly to you.

Shiny Mobile Car Detailing

Shiny Car Cleaning In Vancouver

Shiny Car Wash in Vancouver offers both exterior only washes and full service cleanings as part of its distinct auto detailing packages. Shiny brings your time back by providing you with a smooth, at-home auto detailing experience.Save your precious time by making an appointment with Shiny mobile car detailing in Vancouver.

    Shiny Exceptional Car Cleaning Services

    Mobile Car Wash

    Stay where you are, keep calm, and let Shiny bring the glow back to your car, right from the comfort of your driveway in Vancouver.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Shiny benefits from a smart washing system that saves up to 50 gallons of water per wash. 

    Quality Soaps and Products

    We use Chemical Guys to leave your car clean and shiny. 

    Our Vancouver Full-Service Car Wash Includes


    Our technically advanced car cleaning products are not harmful to the environment, and they clean your car off any dirt or oil.


    Our interior car cleaning is a part of our detailing packages. It normally includes vacuuming and cleaning everything inside, from the floor mat to the steering wheel.


    Our mobile car wash and auto detailing services come with polishing superficial and moderate depth scratches.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you come to my garage in Vancouver?

    We do provide mobile detailing at your house. If there is enough room to work, we make the shine happen.

    Is interior car cleaning part of my car wash?

    We provide different car detailing packages in Vancouver. For interior car detailing and hand wash car cleaning services, you can make an  appointment with Shiny. 

    What kind of vehicles do you wash in Vancouver?

    Our mobile detailing service in Vancouver provides cleaning services to almost any size or type of vehicle, whether a minivan, truck, SUV, van, or a convertible.

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