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Are your headlights foggy or hazy? A change of light bulbs might not be the solution for you as this is likely due to scratched, worn out or yellowed headlight lenses. We can certainly help. We currently offer headlight restoration in the Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey areas!

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Cost Effectiveness

Instead of replacing your headlights entirely which can be costly, a quick repair service can save you unnecessary investments.

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To ensure safe driving practices, your headlights need to be in the best condition to illuminate your path in the dark. Hazy headlights can significantly reduce visibility.

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Luckily, headlights do not require maintenance very often and a restoration service can make them look brand new in no time for a long while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Headlight Restoration?

This is the process through which our trained technicians smooth the surface of headlight lenses to eliminate scratches and wear signs that reduce their clarity, therefore, not allowing light to pass through effectively.

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