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5 Occasions To Gift A Mobile Car Wash


Washing the car isn’t always the top of the to-do list in everyone’s lives. But it’s an important chore that shouldn’t be overlooked. Taking care of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle is crucial to enhance its longevity and value. There is nothing wrong with doing your car wash at home, but you run the risk of harming the environment when you do. The same goes for all those special people in your life whose day you can brighten by gifting a free mobile car wash!

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? We’re sharing 5 special moments that deserve a Shiny Mobile Car Wash gift card!

Father’s or Mother’s Day


Take one thing off their to-do list to show them how much you care. If there are young children or tweens involved, you can bet Mom and Dad will be driving them around to playdates or to get ice cream and grab some take-out for dinner. On a weekly basis, they’re also playing taxi and dropping off kids at school and running errands. With Shiny Mobile Car Wash, Mom and Dad don’t have to lift a finger! The professional team from Shiny simply shows up on their doorstep and does the job quickly and thoroughly.

Teacher’s Gifts


Our teachers are so important to our kids. They do so much for the growing generation from K-12. Almost better than giving them an apple, give a special teacher a free car wash. Chances are they drive to work every day and like everyone, use their vehicle multiple times a week. Shiny uses eco-friendly products to minimize harmful chemicals while working on and in a vehicle. Great for anyone with environmental sensitivities.

Graduation Present


Have a high school- or college-aged person in your family or extended family? Getting the first car in life is a big occasion for a teenager. What a great way to start an independent life! Now you can show them how much you care by booking them an appointment with Shiny. As with any life lesson, it’s important that a young person understands the responsibility of owning and maintaining a car. Shiny’s mobile team will take care of everything from the first soap-down to the final polish inside the vehicle.

Client Gifts


Do you provide high-ticket services to clients and want an innovative gift idea? Imagine your real estate, sales or service clients, such as accountants or lawyers, opening up a gift card from you for a Shiny Mobile Car Wash! The team at Shiny is committed to protecting vehicles and the environment, which means everyone wins. The car chore gets done, without your client having to do any of the work. Shiny’s professional car washing team will arrive at their home or work and supply their own water and electricity.

Corporate Gifts


Be a conversation starter by purchasing car washes for your team! What a great way to say thank you to the people who’ve done so much for you at work. With Shiny Mobile Car Wash service, they can opt to have their car washed in the driveway at home or the parking lot at work. Shiny takes the time to ensure each car’s exterior and interior is cleaned to high standards, using eco-friendly products while killing germs at the same time. No harsh chemicals here, just pH-balanced products that are safe for the whole family.

There are so many ways you can thank the people you care about. Why not choose a great practical gift like a mobile car wash? Book online today in Surrey, Richmond, or Vancouver.

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